Whatever you might need, we build it:

Tools hanging on wall
  • Porches, additions, outhouses
  • Windows, doors, roofing
  • Counters, drawers, tables
  • Stairs, shelving, cabinets

Tiny Homes

Small is beautiful, comfortable and affortable. We build tiny homes and starter cabins which fit into your pocket and your budget. We offer:

dovetail corners
  • Log buildings with either square or round logs
  • Timber frame structures
  • Stick frame constructuions
  • Design focused on functionality and aesthetics
  • Consultation on designing your home or project

Solar Systems

Enjoy the sun and charge your batteries. Sunlight is free and always will be. Investing in solar energy is a wise decision. However, getting started with solar energy can be a bit overwhelming. We will guide you through the jungle of solar energy options. We offer:

solar panels
  • Determination of your energy needs
  • Consultation on parts and cost-effective solutions
  • Ordering of equipment tailored to your needs
  • Consultation on maintenance and upgrades

Off Grid Living

Clever solutions that make off-grid living more comfortable. Our services include:

woodstove with hot water pot
  • Installation of wood stoves and gas ranges
  • Water system set-up; gravity fed or pump-driven
  • Plumbing and electrical set up